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TOUCH - An Ode to Evangelion
featuring Touch by Daft Punk & Paul Williams

this is absolutely amazing.

I swear, I may quote this in a promo interlude for the blog. So many overwhelmingly nice things have been said, but this is just something else to me. Thank you.




everytime you blink evangelion gets more complex

fiendswithbenefits asked: Hey! You seem to post a lot of really solid EVA analysis (even if I disagree with a few of your, ahem, subjective opinions of the show, but that's life) and I just wanted to say hi to another EVA analyst!

Hey there! Checked out your blog a while ago as well, very well presented and written material. Same detail with the subjective opinions; I like to think something can be viewed objectively, but when it comes down to analysis, particularly when concerning something as multifaceted and detailed as Evangelion, it’s all subjective - which is the beauty of attracting an audience for analytical pieces.

Keep up the awesome work on your blog- I consider it part of the blogs that truly give Evangelion a good name.


I’m Coming Back



BM - 03, Shinji Ikari